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all i have to say is   
12:38am 29/12/2006
  he makes music that makes me cry.

and the only other person that can do that is mr. david.

he has talent oozing from every pore, every seam, every shadow he impinges.

no one better let it go to waste.
bowie update   
08:56am 13/10/2006
  the love of my life will be voicing a character on the upcoming spongebob sqarepants cartoon. no lie....!!!

he's also featured playing keyboard on the new tv on the radio album.

(i still call them albums.)

oh.....and if you are lucky enough to catch him on xm radio sometimes, he sings 'wake up' live with the arcade fire. it's absoultely amazing. i got the same feeling i did when i heart the ziggy stardust album for the first time, all teary eyed hehe.

he will be singing for a few songs on the next arcade fire album, too.

it's about fucking time.

oh, and i haven't done my research yet, but i think he's in a couple more movies. he'll be playing a wizard or something.
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12:51pm 03/10/2006
  mirando is amazing. yosh and i went friday for lunch. for only 13 or 14 $ i ate 2 huge plates of sushi...a million different kinds. following that, i had two huge plates of the prepared stuff. plus green tea, green tea cheesecake...and much more.


my name is jade.

and i love to stuff my face.
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06:32pm 17/09/2006
  i think i've gotten wasted at least 4 nights in a row. i forget what my plans are supposed to be all the time, yet still function normally during the day. danced with a 90 year old guy. consumed by calories. am going to be a bride's maid. helped cure pain. got the internet. running. need a haircut and color. miss many people.  
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11:30pm 20/07/2006
  shawns birthday
tea at lala
make up
tortilla sams with shawn and friend
brutal fight
break up
tittie bar
cry a bunch
more comfort food
two dessrts
make love
reunite love
fracture foot
break nails
pain killers
admit it's not all that bad.
then wonder how you're going to get fat from breaking a bone in your foot because you can't go to the gym and you have no portion control
pop a vic
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11:35pm 07/07/2006
  how about having a night filled with (not going to the gym for once!) salem adventures, watermelon beer, buffalo calamari, blueberry beer, mc donalds apple pie, more watermelon beer, blonde ale, xm radio bliss, finding out you got an A in your jazz class, and a cute boy waiting for you in his room?

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09:47pm 07/06/2006
  i lost some weight....including my boob.  
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03:52pm 24/04/2006
  and i think i gained like almost 8 pounds. it better be muscle.  
03:23pm 11/04/2006
  why doesn't my mind work in a scientific manner? why can't i concentrate? why can't i make a simple webpage using frontpage? why can't i even write two pages on textured soy protein? why do i have a million projects due on thursday and friday? why am i restless yet bored yet frustrated and confused all in one!? i hate when things aren't worth enjoying. this week needs to end pronto. and the weekend will offer silence and relief. the next week to come will be a repeat of this week. is this what monday through fridays are all about?  
11:33am 27/03/2006
  found some stale cloves in my purse. after a few greygoose drinks with my mom, she lit it and almost smoked one. she said it smelled like burning leaves. we threw them in the sink.

oh, and it's monday. and my fugees cd won't play in the dvd player OR my laptop. kinda pissed.
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12:47pm 14/03/2006
  a little anxious right now because my mom's in surgery. when they made me leave i: drank half a bottle of vitamin water (dragon fruit), ate a few bites of a pb&j on dark german wheat bread, drove to the gym, worked out, decided i was bored and grotesquely sweaty, stopped after 30 minutes, went home, ate more food, and now i will shower.

i'm staring at a stuffed cat.

i don't like how i've gained 5 pounds. when the hell did that happen? must be from all the booze fests.

i played beer pong for the first time at alicia's party. mike and i were champs. had a pretty good time, especially when abbey made up the dance called "ride the bull." when i'm feeling ballsy, i might try it.

got a couple tube tops for the summer. i'm really all about tube tops lately. forever 21 is good for cute, cheap stuff.

i made mashed potatoes...not the real kind. the better crocker ones that you add to boiling h20, milk, and butter. i think they taste great. if my mom's puking from the anesthesia, i will eat them myself. even if they were made with 2% milk........

craving a expresso martini from spqr. that place is nice....SPQR. free peanuts. old movies. frank sinatra always playing. great wine. best martinis ever. ask for the mochatini. it's not on the menu, but chris will whip one up for ya!

time to shower my already dried up sweat.
12:28am 09/03/2006
  got free tickets from my dad's wife's daughter's fiance for hall & oates show tonight. my dad, john, and i had 8th row and it was completely awesome!!!!!! i wanted to buy the shirt that said MANEATER, but i have no money as usual. they opened with maneater. daryl can still sing with the soul that makes my knees weak. john oates threw a TON of pics out to the audience and i didn't even catch one. that's ok.

i'm still sick as all hell. i gave my mother my fever so they couldn't operate on her. i feel very guilty about that.

i have tons and tons of stuff due friday and a midterm, but all is well in my book because spring break will be here.

going to start it off by going to see the hills have eyes (yes, i am willing to put all of my change through coinstar to get money for this!), driving to the cape with abbey on saturday just cause!, and that night alicia's having a party. this vacation will be a good one.

now i must shower and get back to work.

p.s. i have discovered my long lost love for daft punk. why it went away in the first place...i do not know.

oh, and i didn't get backstage passes for h&o like i was told. knina might be sad when i tell her i couldn't get an autograph for her : (((((((((((
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story of my life   
01:02pm 02/03/2006
  i left my lab coat at home. and i have a 3 hour lab starting at 230....... i need it. i need one. if i can't find one, i'm screwed.

this is awesome.
what the helllll happened this weekend??????   
06:34pm 27/02/2006
  most of the weekend was a quick blur. everything happened so quickly. i heard of other people's weekends, too. many were chaotic, as well.

bowling was grandiose, as usual. i did not bowl my best at all. probably because jess wasn't there. it bowled a mere 70 and didn't want to play another game. i'm a sore loser at that. john bowled amazingly. i was happy at the amount of people that came. cailah and anne were late. anne looked frazzled. i couldn't get my car to get a drink with abbey, so i just went with the flow and went back to john's apartment with everyone. i was completely over tired, but into the party mode. i put on one of those music channel's that had party music. i did the ymca. john took his shirt off. so i did. and i encouraged everyone else to, too. what's a party without at least one nekkid person? i had only oneeee drink. i'm sure cailah has pictures of it. heh. it was grand. krissy was the cutest drunk heehee. i was happy shawn malloy came. i might've been too tipsy to show it.

i gathered all of my christmas giftcards and went to the blackstone mall with abbey. ate a veggie taco at quadoba. drank gas station coffee. used a 50$ giftcard only on sandals!!!!!!!! i hate old navy's clothes. nothing ever fits me. and most of the time it's oddly shaped or a tacky teal color. but i have like 20 pairs of flip flops now in every color. i hate gap clothes, too, but i used my giftcard and found a pair of jeans that fit me. then i helped abbey dye her hair. it was a good time.

john and i made dinner that night and he mastered the art of crispy tofu. i ate it for 2 days in a row. so today we went to star of india i ate tons and tons of everything not tofu. i'm going to sweat curry for the next three days, i'm sure of it.

wished i could've been there for people saturday night.
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uh huh   
09:55am 21/02/2006
  yeah....things have taken a complete 360 here. for the better, at that. out with the old, in with the new. i guess february is a good month? seeing who my real friends are, being much more social, and wanting to get back in touch with old friends. the effort goes both ways for the first time ever! flighty friends no longer cut it in my book. if you come and go, you are gone. god, i wish i could 'break up' with people that aren't significant others. is there a way to do that!?

all good except for the fact that i have a experimental food test in 20 minutes and i can't remember colloidal dispersions, or anything on biotechnology!

and pretzels for breakfast aren't too bad. but i could really use a caffeinated beverage to go along with this salty madness. an iced coffee or red bull. a hot chocolate with expresso. a chunk of chocolate would suffice. anything with the least bit of tannin.........
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07:44pm 20/02/2006
  fun fun fun weekend, overall.

friday we went bowling again. i bowled my highest score ever, 87! the second game, i completely lost it. knina and lee's house was fun. i was feeling kinda shitty. i blame the fsc food. i held out for as long as possible, then drove home. it was fucking cold. i highly regret not being able to partake with jess in the swinger party. i hear the action was pretty hottttt.

saturday i tried to study as much as i could for a saturday. i met up with alicia then abbey. we gulped down cups of coffee goodness at the java hut. i hadn't been there in ages. baby vincent was the cutest thing ever running around the place. my latte was spectacular. the three of us went to walgreen and bought hair dye. I AM NO LONGER A BLONDE! YESSSSSSS! it was supposed to be dark brown only, but there's a tinge of red in it, when i'm in the light. abbey did a good job of dying our hairs. she's multi talented. it was great being around ladies. i stopped by to show johnnn my hair. i think he likes it.

sunday i worked 830-5 all by myself in the floral department. i got a blood blister from the clippers and i had no clue what i was doing, but the challenge was fun. i was so done at the end of the day. went to see john later on. lovey dovey. then to spqr for after hours drinks. free shiraz was amazing! a few shots topped it off. it was fun to meet some new people and relax. got home around 3.

this morning john woke up with my hersheys bar melted on him. i guess i left it under my pillow. i hid that chocolate in my bed to keep it from my mom....it's no longer solid chocolate though.

let me say pumpkin spice coffee from honey dew is the best. i wish there was one in framingham. john and i got 2 large coffees and it came to less than one starbucks latte. i fucking love it.

now i have to un-procrastinate and study for experimental study of food.

i stink at being smart.
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12:14am 14/02/2006
  the weekend consisted of complete over-indulging. friday i got my stuff in the mail. i now need to learn how to walk in high-ish heals. i've never owned a pair, and they're 4 inches! they are these really cute camouflage wedges. how the hell am i going to go from flats with no laces ONLY to strappy 4-inch heals? man. what the hell did i spend 27$ on if i can't walk in them?

got ready met up with ANNE! met up with jess, kevin, eric, john, etc. and went bowling. i bowled my best, i'm pretty sure. 86. jess and i both bowled an 80 on the second game. those guys are good! usually i barely get a 60. must've been the tortellini i ate earlier. lee and knina joined us at sakura (sp?) for drinks after. the drinks were good. i had a great time til i crashed from the alcohol and remembered i had to work in floral the next morning. floral before valentine's is nuts.

after making tons of rose arrangements at work, john and i headed to amici's for dinner. i had an amazing cosmo, followed by some nice shiraz. the meal was the best I EVER EVER HAD for italian anyway. and it was quite romantic, i guess! finally bought the newest devendra cd. amazing. had a drink with scott and sarah miles, then got ready to be snowed in.

while being snowed in john and i watched movies galore. to kill a mockingbird, the bad seed, saturday night fever, and wayne's world. popcorn. tacos. chocolate. cherry vanilla coke. food and more food. amazing.

i skipped class today. and i don't want to be here.

so valentines' is tomorrow.... need some money for gifts quick!
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just a thought   
10:00pm 08/02/2006
  i do think i feed off of stress. sugar free jell-o. pink lady apples. your insecurity. his insecurity. her insecurity. my own self confidence is increasing. kind of like janet in rocky horror, but not as slutty. i am accomplishing a great deal in this 22nd year of my life on this earth. i never will deprive myself of anything unrealistic. some people can only acheive goals that are unrealistic. putting up this front, like they have something to hide on the inside. i used to be there. i know how it is, and it isn't easy to break down that wall. ask me what my honest opinion is and i will surely tell you, no strings attached. there is nothing more consoling than pure honesty. what will materialsm leave you? that taste in your mouth is overpowering, and you're much too used to it now to even think of letting yourself swallow it. when you do take that plunge, a weight will be lifted. like that science experiment you do in the third grade while studying gravity. the teacher puts the books on your chest. how many will it take before your face begins to turn a queasy shade of gray? i'm starting to wonder why i was a confidant in the first place. i know why, because i thought i could surpass your walls, break them down. no one will change you but yourself. right now my feeling for you is like wearing wool pants!!!!!!!!!!!

no one likes wearing wool pants.
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like it or not...........   
03:28pm 08/02/2006
  as usual i am procrastinating on doing my experimental study of food assignment. ehh...i have until 230 tomorrow to hand it in. no worries on my book.

i had a FANTASTIC weekend, even though 3 ladies who were supposed to call and were supposed to hang out never did. at least katie text messaged me to let me know she was having a good time and missed me. that was enough. i blew my whole 60$ paycheck on a pumpkin martini, sushi, and a salad from the sole. followed by a martini at vincent's, and a vodka and tonic from ralph's. it was definitely worth losing all of my money over. i had been exercising and dieting all fucking week! i was in wonderful company with johnny, candace, and greg. i got to see many other people at the bars later on, too. i didn't care that plans with the ladies feel through. we have plans for this friday, oooh yeah! bowling party.

i discovered i like oatmeal. this is awesome. it fills you up and never lets you down! saturday night was filled with goodness. i made tofu stirfry for krissy and john. then john simone brought over the last house on the left. i was really into it. i absolutely loved it. jeramie rain played a hillarious character. some of the story line made me laugh when i was supposed to be scared, but all in all i was a bit terrified.

other things i enjoy....john visiting me at school. dinner with katie. lattes with abbey. instant messages from anne that brighten my day. planning an amazing party. procrastinating. going to the gym (and wearing headphones to avoid the waaf craze that seems to fill the whole gym).

other things i dislike....coffee tasting like it's completely burnt. people not calling when they say they will. disrespect. procrastinating. chocolate cravings. my mother opening my mail while i am at school. saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. and/or holding whatever i want to say in for fear of causing unnecessary drama.
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this was fun!   
08:21pm 05/02/2006
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